The hand-made and mouth-blown ‘kiss’ glasses are a series of water, wine, champagne and long drink glasses.
These precious and delicate glasses acquired their name by how they are made: 2 glass blowers each blow a bubble and melt these together while hot.
In this glass detail, craft and innovation all take the stage. 


mouth blown glass

‘water’ transparent / grey
Ø 8/7, 5cm, h 11cm

‘red wine’ transparent
Ø 6,5/7/8cm, h 14,5cm

‘white wine’ transparent
Ø 6/6,5/7,5cm, h 13,5cm

‘longdrink’ transparent
Ø 6/6,5cm, h 18cm

‘champagne’ transparent
Ø 4/4,5cm, h 17cm

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