authentic & unique

Klaar Prims creates handmade, contemporary, sophisticated glasswork and purified objects in natural materials. Her work consists of very authentic, unique pieces, designed by Klaar herself and made with a team of artisanal glassblowers. 


a straight vision on craftmanship

In addition to her work as an interior designer, she started creating glass windows. Her desire was to incorporate light, colour and reflections in architecture. She equates designing these windows to “painting with light”. Klaar’s fascination for design and aesthetics led her to glassblowing.

Since then, she has become even more passionate about glass, discovering modelling liquid glass as its third dimension. After several years of searching, she ended up developing her own technique. Klaar feels that glassblowing is the ultimate art for creative expression. She studied the technique, combining her craftsmanship with modern design.

Klaar Prims’ collection shows authentic, unique pieces, a combination of craftmanship and modern design. The collection shows variations in colour and style of a certain theme. The simple and exceptionally perfect shapes of vases, glasses and bowls provide a highlight in any setting with their delicacy, brilliance and clarity. Due to the mouth blown production process, colour and sizes may vary slightly piece to piece, each one is unique.

'Working on her own rhythm and with her straight vision on craftsmanship, Klaar Prims has found her place in the modern world of applied arts. Knowing how to bend the glass to her will, she succeeds in obtaining pure simplicity out of this material which is by nature hard to handle. To transform sand and heat into a cold pureness with a warm and natural feeling, you not only need a specific vision and a sense of creativity. It mostly is a matter of intensive research and hard labour.'